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We are pleased to announce that Brian Goodremont, who has been with San Juan Safaris since 1995 and operations manager for a number of years, has purchased the Roche Harbor portion of San Juan Safaris. All kayaking tours and one whale watching vessel from Roche Harbor will be operated by Brian.
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San Juan Islands Kayaking
for Families

San Juan Islands Kayaking
San Juan Islands Sea kayaking, ocean kayaking or just plain kayaking. Whatever you call it, it is a lot of fun. Paddling with your family is a great way to spend time together getting fresh air and exercise while creating treasured memories.

Any of our scheduled San Juan Islands Kayaking tours can be a family tour. This is how we book San Juan Islands Kayaking tours with children 12 and under.

When you phone, email or reserve on line for an appointment, please start by telling us you have a child 12 or under. We group parents, with children 12 years and younger, on the same kayaking tours. We will tell you the tour times and dates that are available for family tours. Children down to 6 years of age are allowed on these. These tours generally move a bit slower as we only go as fast as the slowest kayak.

San Juan Islands Kayaking Scenery
San Juan Island has scenic coastlines and abundant wildlife in its waters.
San Juan Safaris, because of our launching rights in both Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor, is able to offer you the easiest and fastest approach to these seas.

San Juan Islands Kayaking Nature Tours
3 Hours
$69 per person, 12 years and up
Sea Kayaking / Friday Harbor
12:00 PM May 10 - September 6 Daily
4:00 PM May 10 - September 6 Daily
Sea Kayaking / Roche Harbor
10:00 AM April 19 - October 5 Daily
2:00 PM April 19 - October 5 Daily
6:00 PM
Sunset Tour
June 14 - August 17 Daily
Family tours - kids 6 yrs &up - Ask us!
  • San Juan Island Charters* & Water Taxi Available Year-round - Ask us!
  • Private Kayak Charters including Outer Island Tours
  • Orca Safaris Packages: One person taking 2 tours saves $5

You do not need any experience or any special gear to go San Juan Island kayaking with us. We supply all the necessary equipment. This includes a dry bag for your snack and camera, a spray skirt, paddle, life vest and of course our state of the art fiberglass kayaks.

Your guide gives you and your family a lesson in paddling and safety techniques prior to helping you into your kayak. We have specially designed kayak finger docks, which allow you to easily slip in and out of the kayak without having to wade into the water or carry a kayak. Using these finger docks also means more time on the water, less time hassling with getting the kayaks in the water.

Many of our guests that come out on the 3-hour tour have not been in a kayak before. So if you have never been in a kayak - don't let that stop you from having this great experience. We really do make it safe and easy to learn, enjoy and become a paddler. You will be wishing you had tried sea kayaking sooner.

On the 3-hour tour, approximate 2.75 hours are spent on the water both paddling and stopping to listen to your guide who will be interpreting the natural history, marine mammals, sea birds, geography and surrounding area. This is not a fast paced trek. We like to think of it as a 'friendly' paddle, leisurely gliding along with everyone being able to see what they are interested in and no one left behind. Our tours are limited to 10 guests (or less) per guide. This ratio of guests to guide allows for maximum safety and personalized attention

Both Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor have beautiful routes, with sea birds, harbor seals, bald eagles, great blue herons, tide pool inhabitants and kelp forests. We are often asked, "Which is a better route or side to the island"? On our 3-hour tours they are really both equal.

The Friday Harbor side is more convenient for most visitors, especially if you are just coming for the day, as Friday Harbor is where the Ferry lands. Depending on the currents, wind, and tide exchange the guide may choose to hug the coastline and go to the north or go out of the harbor directly southeast towards Brown's Island hugging the coast and sometimes make a stop at the state park. Coastlines have the most abundance of wild life.

Bathroom Brakes. Once we leave the harbor the next facility would be at Turn Island State park to stop. We can make emergency stops wherever we are able to bring a kayak up to land. Try not to let young ones drink much liquid starting an hour or so before the tour.

The Roche Harbor is on the north west side of San Juan Island. Depending on the currents, wind, and tide exchange your guide may choose pass through the harbor and head north west or pass through the harbor and head due south. The coastline has the most abundance of wild life.

Bathroom Brakes. There is a small island with a bathroom facility about 20 minutes paddle outside Roche Harbor. Emergency stops are where ever we are able to bring a kayak up to land. Try not to let young ones drink much liquid starting an hour or so before the tour.

Haro Strait (nick named The Orca Highway) is on our Roche Harbor route. We like to be above board in telling our guests that yes you do stand a better chance of seeing whales in your kayak on the west side of the island- IF the whales are present and are right where you are paddling. We do occasionally see orcas on the 3-hour tour, but do not wish to put your expectations too high on this tour. The 3-hour tour is not an orca search, but a wildlife tour by kayak.

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Kayak guide Mike Collins on a
family kayak tour

Because everyone on a family tour has
kids, going a bit slower is expected

Hey take a look at this!
Lots to see on a kayak tour

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Kids learing about San Juan Islands Kayaking from the guide
Kids dressed in their kayak equipment. Let's listen to the guide about entering a sea kayak.
A lesson for everyone on San Juan Islands Sea Kayaking A lesson for everyone
Kids and their family in their sea kayaks near San Juan Island Kids and their family in their kayaks
learning the techniques of using their paddle
One last adjustment
One happy kid in a kayak-
"When are we going???"

And another happy kid in a kayak

Heading out of the harbor

Listen to the sound your paddle makes as it sweeps through the sea

I am loving this

The guide is talking about the area, plants, trees, birds. The water is calm. The day is perfect

A friendly paddle - not a race. A bit tired, but it feels good tired. A stop at the bathroom and then some food.

A shy harbor seal

San Juan Islands Kayaking Family Tours
San Juan Islands Familiy Kayak Tours are a great way for parents and kids to bond.

We have two triple kayaks and use them for smaller children. Check out the guy in the middle

whale diving, pair of kayakers
spyhopping whale

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