May 24, 2011


Today we saw two Transient Orcas way up on the west side of Pender Island.  One of them was a big male with a huge dorsal that we identified as T20.  He had one of the coolest, most unique fins I have seen so far.  With a couple of notches and a port-side lean, his dorsal was easy to ID even from several hundred yards away. The whales were milling, but, overall seemed mostly interested in moving south.

The trip up was Bald Eagle central, with the birds every couple hundred yards all along the shoreline.  There was even a pair sitting on the ground together in the Cactus Islands.

On our way home the sun had broken through the clouds and we stopped to look at a few dozen Harbor Seals hauled out on the rocks near Sentinel Island and then took a look at a few Mouflon sheep grazing on the south side of Speiden.

It was a nice little Tuesday.

Laura, Naturalist


The other we were thinking might have been T21?